Top 6 Small Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

I recently met a friend of mine after ages. Like all Pakistanis, I started whining about my sky-high expenses and stagnated salary. However, he looked very happy.

Upon inquiring, he told me that he is spending money wisely and strategically. He sets aside a certain percentage every month, let’s say 20% of the total monthly income, and invests that amount into multiple investment opportunities like purchase a plot or plot file. As a result, he is not only gaining financial freedom but is also saving up for his future.

I fell in love with this idea at that instant. The idea is simple yet so effective. With small monthly deposits, you can save thousands of rupees every month. I personally researched this area and compiled a list of tried and tested investment opportunities in Pakistan. All these ideas require little investment but the ROI (return on investment) is significant. Get to know latest real estate marketing trends.

If you are someone who is also looking for side hustles and best investment options in Pakistan, or why you should invest in real estate then this article is for you.

1-Real Estate

This is one of the most famous and widely practiced investment ideas in Pakistan. People buy property, especially land, and leave it for some time. Over time, the price of real estate appreciates. Keep a track of the market prices and sell the property when the prices are at their peak. There are some really good real estate blogs or real estate books out there that update you about real estate trends, construction cost, tips and tricks, plot size conversion and much, much more.

The best thing about real estate investment in Pakistan is that it is a safe investment option. You get total ownership of the property and most importantly, the land is an asset whose price always increases. Moreover, the market for real estate is improving at an increasing rate. That means you can expect greater returns and wider scope in real estate.

Get to know property tax in Pakistan.

If you cannot afford real estate on your own, try getting the property on installments, through loans or a partnership with trustworthy people.  One drawback of this investment is that the returns might take time and if you are looking for a short-term investment, then this option may not be feasible for you.

But, an important aspect that must be kept in mind at all times is that a real estate is a safe option that yields higher returns, making it an excellent option for small investments.

If you are looking for investment opportunities in real estate, consider investing in houses, flats, plots, or shops. All these assets will provide great yields in the form of resale value and rents. If you are confused between investing in a house or apartment read: house vs apartment where you should invest.

There many construction companies developing real estate projects in which you can invest in. Some of the real estate projects where you can invest are Mall of Arabia, Amazon Outlet Mall, Florence Galleria, and Imarat Builders Mall that are starting from as low as 17 Lac. If you are looking for secure investments with guaranteed returns, you should check out these projects.

2. Peer to Peer Lending

This investment idea in Pakistan is peer to peer lending. According to Investopedia, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending enables individuals to obtain loans directly from other individuals, cutting out the financial institution as an intermediary. If you are someone who has some cash stacked inside the bank, let’s say 1 lac or even Rs. 50,000, you can multiply that cash. Yes, you heard me right.

Give your money to people with an interest rate. Set the time duration for the lending, and you are good to go. However, this idea is risky but with high ROI. Try giving money to people you know and trust and never forget to document the lending process. If you want to reach your peers consider these Facebook marketing ideas to reach.

3. Invest in Stocks

This is one of the best investment opportunities in Pakistan. Try investing in the stock market. If you do not have knowledge about stocks, try hiring a broker. The average stock return is usually 10% in Pakistan. That means if you invest Rs. 1000 in stock, it will give you Rs. 1100 after some time, and sometimes within hours.

However, again, like peer to peer lending, stocks are risky. You have to be well aware and strategic about your choice of stocks. Try building a portfolio of stocks to reduce the overall risk. Usually, the pricy stocks yield high ROI, but they also have a high risk attached to them. So, choose wisely! We do not want you to lose your money.

If you are confused between investment in stocks and real estate, we suggest you give a read to real estate vs stocks- where to invest in?.

4. Invest in Banks and Investment Companies

This is one of the cheapest business opportunities in Pakistan with low investment. Open a bank account and deposit a small amount in it. Start investing in the account every month. Banks usually offer 10% to 12% annual returns. Do a little research and select the bank that suits you the best. There are many investment companies in Pakistan as well that are giving high returns e.g. Lakson investments, PMIC, and vice versa.

5. Gold

The prices of gold are increasing day by day. The recent price of one tola gold is Rs. 93,400. Last year, its price was around Rs68,000. You can clearly see the difference between the prices and the ratio of returns you can expect. So, try to invest in gold. Buy gold biscuits because they generate maximum returns. Similarly, you can also invest in diamonds and silver (Chandi)

6. Forex

Forex trading means trading of different currencies. This is also a great investment opportunity because of its convenience and ease. Study the trends in currencies, keep yourself updated with the latest currency rates and financial situations, and try to invest accordingly.

For example, consider the example of the American dollar and Kuwaiti dinars. In 2018, the average price of one dollar was Rs. 140, and the price of a Kuwaiti dinar was Rs. 400. Today, the prices are Rs. 156 and Rs. 512, respectively. Just like gold, currencies are an excellent investment option