About Us

Our journey began in 2016 and the very first pillar of our journey was OUR COMMITMENT to uplift the Future of our customers


Our Mission

Enable every citizen to have access to authentic real estate information and help them in making the right choices.

Our Vision

To transform the Real Estate Industry through Innovation and Technology-driven solutions.

About Marketing 360

Marketing360 has delivered over dozen of projects including Residental, Commercial and Residential-Commercial Projects. We have provided developers and clients a platform with transparent transactions and information so both sides are safe and secure. Started in 2016 with a vision to provide buyers and sellers with the best possible options through our people who value relationships over transactions.

Our Team

Our philosophy is that talented teams can achieve the impossible. So, our foundation has been built around tight-knit, talented team with a common aim of producing consistently fantastic results for our clients in Real Estate sector of Pakistan.

Zohaib Jadoon


As a leader of an organization, he have the pleasure to share my passion in order to inspire and motivate others. This is his goal because of the fact that we all want to give our best effort and to be productive in all situations. It is through this process that he hope to create a strong community of positive individuals with unlimited motivation of being successful in life. The development of such a community will have a big impact on Β peoples lives; people who are in need are the most important to him.

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Waqas Naeem

Marketing Director

Sheikh Waqas holds a Master Degree in Business Management and did his specialization in Marketing and HR. He is currently working at Marketing360 as Director Marketing and Corporate Relations. Waqas has extensive knowledge about Branding, Digital Marketing, Video making i.e. Documentaries, He is helping multiple brands with marketing, outreach, and digital transformations. Sheikh plans to use the network of influencers and thought leaders to encourage and inspire people

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Our Values

Our process is simple. So are our values. Because our value is our customer. Our value is YOU. In order to maintain our values, we educate our customers and present them with best available option for investment in Real Estate. You want outcomes? We will come up with straightforward plan to add values in your future. So, our values are of shear importance to us directly and to your future security indirectly. We make things happen because we believe in our values.


We are committed to giving the highest level of satisfaction by placing our client’s needs first.


Everything we’ve accomplished has resulted from the joint efforts of our team members, who have worked .


Our strong sense of ethics and integrity distinguishes us; we take pride in always taking the right road.

Why Marketing 360

Talk about real estate marketing, talk about Marketing 360. Talk about delivering profitable inventory, be it commercial shops or residential apartments, or residential plots or commercial plots, talk about Marketing 360. We have been in the market for a while and what makes us outshine our competitors is that we provide only the genuine real estate inventory. Another reason of shaking hands with us is that we believe in your needs. We know how to guide you throughout from scratch to the peaks. Marketing 360 is a all your reasons when it comes to real estate investments in Pakistan. Especially in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Gujranwala.



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